We find what you are looking for

Since 1999, Auto Nol in Nijkerk has been a reliable supplier of al used car brands. Thanks to our extensive network in the automotive trade, we always have a large range of quality, used cars. Even if you are looking for a new car, you have come to the right place. You are able to browse all our cars at your leisure in both our showroom and on our website at www.autonol.nl. And those we don’t have on offer (yet), we will find for you!

Although we originally started selling on the Dutch market, we have seen a significant increase in our export over the last few years as we were one of the first companies to take advantage of the digital options that the internet offers. Our progressive presentation on the internet means that we reach private individuals, trade and companies. We ship used cars to many different countries such as Poland, Germany, Romania and many more. Shipping to China is also an option. Naturally, our international buyers take advantage of the export tax benefits.

Value for money

Our success is based on our unique formula. We buy directly from reputable leasing companies and dealerships all over Europe. We therefore know the full maintenance history of every car. As we buy our car at the most competitive price, we are able to offer the best value for money. All our cars can be viewed on, either our showroom in Nijkerk or on our website.


In many respects, our market has no bounds. We sell nationally and internationally to:


  • private individuals;

  • companies;

  • and trade.


We are certified to export cars worldwide. Our in-house export department easily and efficiently organizes all the necessary documentation and coordination of the transport over land or by sea.


Do you, as a private individual or for business, require a car for a number of days? Auto Nol car rental is a cheap and practical solution. If you are looking at a number of weeks, Short Lease may be a more attractive option. We are here to advise you on your optimal solution and make sure that you stay mobile!


Buying a car requires a considerable investment. For those who would like to minimize their financial spending, yet immediately need to drive a car, Financial Lease offers a solution. On the Financial Lease page you will be able to choose a car to suit your requirements and budget. The procedure is straightforward and financially provides a set of expectations thanks to the monthly fixed amount.

Ready for the future

All our services are aimed at quickly and adequately supplying our customers with the correct car. This is reflected in our company’s growth. We anticipate new developments and seize opportunities. Thanks to our vision, we are able to further grow at our current location in Nijkerk. What has remained unchanged over the years – and always will – is our customer-oriented approach and our drive to offer exactly that what you are looking for!


We are a member of BOVAG, the Dutch automotive trade organization. An independent inspection of Auto Nol by this reliable quality mark resulted in an amazing score of 9.6.

Since 2007, the owner of Auto Nol – Arnold Koops – has been a member of the BOVAG board.